This document specifies the terms of the contract and the agreement of use between the user and the site. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the services offered by this site to the user.

Terms & Conditions

  • The user is committed by all the terms and conditions of this agreement to ensuring the use of the service. The continued use of the service is considered an implicit acceptance by the user of the terms of the use agreement.
  • The user must maintain the privacy of the data in the account, which contains the identity number, which represents the username, and the user's main mobile number, which also represents the password. The user is also fully responsible for any use of the service that is done through his username and password, whether it is done by him or by others, and without any responsibility on the company.
  • The site reserves all rights to cancel or stop any authority to use the service in the case of violating any of the terms of the agreement without referring to the site owner.
  • The site reserves all rights to change, modify, cancel, or replace all or part of the service without referring to the user.
  • The site must notify the user of the changes and reforms made to the agreement by posting it on the site or notifying the user by any other means of notification. These changes are considered effective as soon as the user is notified of them, and the user's continued use of the service after being notified of such changes shall constitute his acceptance of such changes.
  • The user is obligated not to use the service to download, display, place, distribute or send any content that is against the law, as well as any threatening content, as well as any content that is obscene, abusive, offensive, or unacceptable or content that violates the rights of any individual or company. This also includes any content that contains money-demanding, advertising, luring services or materials.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • The user is not allowed to copy, publish, or distribute any material published on the site and attributed to the site without mentioning its source, and the site reserves all legal rights to sue those who violate this condition, according to intellectual property laws.
  • The user is allowed to download some of the site's content for personal use only, but the user must not use that content for any commercial purpose that generates material benefit.
  • There is a risk for the user to change the contents of the site that he has uploaded or downloaded in accordance with these conditions, and also by deleting and changing the notices placed on those contents regarding copyright or proprietary rights or warnings.
  • Downloading the contents from the site does not give the user any intellectual property rights to this content. The use of this content is the right of the site or the parties that own the license.
  • All contents of the site are the intellectual property of Areeb Human Resources Company and may not be used by other parties.

Confidentiality Of Data and Information

  • The user or visitor is not entitled to publish any data related to the services or contents provided by the company without referring to the company and obtaining written approval.
  • The site administration takes the appropriate procedures and measures to maintain the personal information it has in a secure manner that ensures its protection from loss or misuse, or unauthorized modification and disclosure.
  • The site reserves the right to collect and use information about the user, such as that which is filled out in the registration form or service requests, for the purposes of providing and improving the service and also for statistical purposes.
  • The site is not responsible for the leakage of information such as a user name and password, and the user bears the leakage of it, as well as from changes or modifications to his account or service requests.
  • The site is committed to taking the necessary steps to protect and preserve data, knowing that the Internet is not a 100% safe way to store confidential information.
  • In the event of disputes, the laws and legislation stipulated and applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the decisive factor in disputes through the courts in the Kingdom.

Protecting Your Privacy

To be able to help you protect your personal information, we recommend the following:

  • Contact us immediately if you think that someone has hacked your username, password, usage code, password, or any other confidential information.
  • Do not give out confidential information over the phone or the Internet unless you know the person or party receiving the information.
  • Use a secure browser when you perform online transactions while closing unused applications on the network, and make sure your antivirus software is always up to date.

If you have any inquiries or opinions about privacy principles, you can contact the site administration via the following e-mail: